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Rice Dishes

Tokyo – GINZA SIX “Kurogi Chacha” Tai Chazuke

This time, I had lunch at “Kurogi Chacha,” a collaboration between the Japanese restaurant “Kurogi” and the long-standing Kyoto uji-cha store “Fukujuen.”
The original “Kurogi,” located in Minato-ku, is an extremely popular restaurant for which it is hard to secure reservations, but as this GINZA SIX location does not accept reservations, so even tourists can get in!

In Fukuoka? Check out Momoya Seinikudo for some spicy char-grilled chicken thigh!

Fukuoka is a battlefield for chicken specialty restaurants, which seem to be at every turn. Momoya Seinikudo Kego is one of such restaurants that appears to be at the top of the totem pole. You’ve never seen a place so packed on a weekday night! This chicken creative cuisine specialty restaurant boasts a menu of unique dishes you’d be hard pressed to find elsewhere.