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6 Gourmet Dishes to Try in Sapporo

Hokkaido, about an hour and a half from Tokyo by plane, is Japan’s leader in fishery yield and agricultural production output. In other words, Hokkaido is an area with an abundance of seafood, vegetables, meat, and other delightful ingredients. The quality of its products is well-known not only within Japan, but overseas as well.

Winter Trip to Hakodate [Day 1] ~Hakodate’s Morning Market, Bay Area, Motomachi, and more~

I visited Hakodate for 3 days and 2 nights over the winter. There was no end to things I wanted to do, but I was more than satisfied with being able to take the photo I wanted of Hakodate in the winter being both “sunny” and “snowy.”
This article will introduce the things that I did on my first day in Hakodate, including visiting the Hakodate morning market, the bay area, the Motomachi church, and foods around Hakodate!

Michi-no-Eki Doshi

Located in the center of Doshi City in Yamanashi Prefecture, Michi-no-Eki (roadside rest area) Doshi hosts information about sightseeing spots, events, and local goods for Doshi City. It also has over 100 free parking spots and restrooms available for use, so many people stop by during their drives.