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Winter Trip to Hakodate [Day 3] ~Kitajima Saburo Museum, Fresh Uni Donburi, and Mashu-Maru~

I visited Hakodate for 3 days and 2 nights over the winter. There was no end to things I wanted to do, but I was more than satisfied with being able to take the photo I wanted of Hakodate in the winter being both “sunny” and “snowy.”
This article will introduce the 3rd day of my trip to Hakodate!
I’ll also be introducing the Kitajima Saburo Museum, a fresh uni donburi I had, Mashu-Maru, and a local hamburger restaurant called “Lucky Pierrot”!

The popular New York Hamburger Restaurant, SHAKE SHACK!

Last year, the hamburger restaurant “SHAKE SHACK” opened its first Japan location at Gaien Park. With a three-hour wait on its opening day, SHAKE SHACK was a hit from the get-go!
SHAKE SHACK is definitely a hot-topic hamburger restaurant: its second location opened in April of this year in Ebisu, and the third location opened in Yurakucho’s Tokyo International Forum this fall.
This time, I visited the popular SHAKE SHACK’s second location in Ebisu.