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Tomato Ramen from “Tomato no Sato Shinanoji” in Osaka

“Tomato no Sato Shinanoji” in Osaka is an unusual tomato ramen specialty restaurant.
The prices are a bit high, but the ingredients used are of great quality thanks to the craftsman-spirited owner. Other restaurants sell tomato ramen as well, but this restaurant is known as the pioneer of the dish and has many fans.
I’ve visited here before, but I remembered how much I loved the taste and came back!

Osaka’s Famous Kushikatsu from “Osaka Shinsekai Ganso Kushikatsu Daruma”

Lately, when you think of Shinsekai in Osaka, it’s become synonymous with kushikatsu. The restaurant that started this new trend is “Kushikatsu Daruma.” There are currently 18 locations of “Kushikatsu Daruma.” Even just within Shinsekai, where the chain originated, there are 4 locations, “Shinsekai Honten,” “Janjan,” “Tsutenkaku,” and “Dobutsuenmae.” This time, I decided to visit the largest location of them, “Kushikatsu Daruma Dobutsuenmae.”

Enjoy an Autumn of Pleasure Trips and Meals! Travel with the “Toei One-day Pass” to Secret Places in Tokyo!

Autumn in Japan means beautifully colored trees and pleasantly crisp air, making it the perfect season for walking around the city! Additionally, there are many seasonal ingredients in autumn, so going around trying all the different delicacies is also a great choice. As such, this article will introduce a sightseeing plan for Tokyo in the autumn, featuring delicious gourmet foods and walks through fun tucked-away secret places!

The German beer festival of “Oktoberfest” can be experienced in Odaiba Tokyo!

The Japanese version of the famous German beer festival
of “Oktoberfest” will be held in Odaiba, Tokyo. You can enjoy real German beer, German sausages, and there is also live music performed by German bands.
I love drinking out in the open, who doesn’t!?
Not a beer drinker? Don’t worry. There are many beverage selections other than beer. You’re definitely going to have a good time.