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Tomato Ramen from “Tomato no Sato Shinanoji” in Osaka

“Tomato no Sato Shinanoji” in Osaka is an unusual tomato ramen specialty restaurant.
The prices are a bit high, but the ingredients used are of great quality thanks to the craftsman-spirited owner. Other restaurants sell tomato ramen as well, but this restaurant is known as the pioneer of the dish and has many fans.
I’ve visited here before, but I remembered how much I loved the taste and came back!

6 Gourmet Dishes to Try in Sapporo

Hokkaido, about an hour and a half from Tokyo by plane, is Japan’s leader in fishery yield and agricultural production output. In other words, Hokkaido is an area with an abundance of seafood, vegetables, meat, and other delightful ingredients. The quality of its products is well-known not only within Japan, but overseas as well.

Enjoy Incredibly Fresh “Tsukami Sushi” at Osaka’s Endo Sushi!

Endo Sushi is a sushi restaurant with a long history of over 100 years.
It is a popular establishment, known for its unique sushi rice, known as “tsukami sushi,” and its fresh toppings.
Tsukami sushi is a unique way to shape sushi rice, lightly grasping the still-warm rice before placing the toppings on, which is characterized by the unique texture as the rice gently falls apart in your mouth.

The German beer festival of “Oktoberfest” can be experienced in Odaiba Tokyo!

The Japanese version of the famous German beer festival
of “Oktoberfest” will be held in Odaiba, Tokyo. You can enjoy real German beer, German sausages, and there is also live music performed by German bands.
I love drinking out in the open, who doesn’t!?
Not a beer drinker? Don’t worry. There are many beverage selections other than beer. You’re definitely going to have a good time.

Enjoy Poppy Flowers at the Beer Factory! “Kirin Beer Park Fukuoka”

Around 10 Million Poppy Flowers in a 7-Hectare Garden. The garden in front of the beer factory is filled with blooming cherry blossoms and poppies in spring, and cosmos in the fall.
Around 10 million poppy flowers are in bloom to enjoy from mid-to-late May. The park is free to get in to, so during blooming season the area is very crowded!
On the park’s free tours, you can see first-hand the ingredients and materials used to make beer, taste the wort that becomes beer, and even taste freshly-made beer.
Enjoy a tour of the factory alongside the blooming flowers!

「Tachijyuu sono」 Enjoy cutlass fish cuisine with gusto in Osaka.

「Tachijyuu sono」 is a Cutlass fish speciality shop in Osaka. It’s very rare to see a restaurant specialize in Cutlass fish and it`s even rare in Japan. As soon as the restaurant opens there are long line ups for the「Tachijyuu」 lunch. Lunch is limited to only 40 servings each day. Some people say the cutlass fish is as good as Unagi(eel) but cheaper and leaner.