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When Running Low on Yen, Use a Free ATM search app: JAPAN POST BANK ATM Finder!

Compared to other countries, many souvenir shops and restaurants in Japan only take cash (Japanese yen).
While it's common sense to bring enough yen to enjoy your travels around Japan, you may run out. At such times, it's convenient to withdraw cash in Japanese yen from your credit card issued overseas by using Japan Post Bank ATMs.
And now, I'd like to introduce a convenient app that helps you find ATM locations!

Why You Should Buy a Luxury Brand Watch in Japan!  Introducing a Highly Recommended Tokyo Shop Selling State-of-the-Art Watches

It starts to become a common trend for people to purchase various luxury watches to match with their different outfits. Nowadays, in particular gentlemen who foster a classy lifestyle, have a thriving standard towards selection of watches. To them, a perfect choice of watch not only serves as its physical function, but also allows them to unveil their personal taste and style.