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Royce Potato Chip Chocolate, the Perfect Souvenir from Hokkaido!

Royce chocolate is already famous as a typical souvenir from Hokkaido, but this article will introduce their Potato Chip Chocolate!
When it was first put on the market, many people doubted this product, saying, "There's no way potatoes and chocolate can go together!" However, its delicious taste has earned Royce Potato Chocolate repeat customers, one after another! It's now as popular as Royce's signature Nama Chocolate!



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Located in the middle of the Tokyo Bay Aqua Line, Umihotaru is a rest area above the sea!
A wide variety of dining options are available in Umihotaru, including udon, ramen, sushi, hamburgers, tempura bowls, sweets, coffee, pizza, and more!
Umihotaru also is the only place to try certain foods, such as dishes using Kisarazu clams, so many guests come to try these exclusive meals.

Michi-no-Eki Doshi

Located in the center of Doshi City in Yamanashi Prefecture, Michi-no-Eki (roadside rest area) Doshi hosts information about sightseeing spots, events, and local goods for Doshi City. It also has over 100 free parking spots and restrooms available for use, so many people stop by during their drives.