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Introducing Popular Sunscreen Creams Available at Drugstores in Japan!

This summer, Japan is experiencing a fierce heat wave, so it's important to take proper measures to prevent sunburn. When visiting a store, we can see many types of sunscreen for sale, but it's difficult to know which one to choose. That's why I'd like to introduce some popular products listed in "@cosme". This is a well-known website dedicated to word-of-mouth reviews of cosmetics sold in Japan.

Cute! Rilakkuma Insect Repellent Guard

This time we will be introducing Rilakkuma-themed insect repellent items! This particular product is a plate-type insect repellent that keeps away undesirable insects. It’s made for outdoor use, so you can easily attach it to the handle of doors or on the veranda. It’s super easy to use since it doesn’t require a flame or electricity!

How Do You Treat Summer Skin Problems?

Summers in Japan are hot and humid, so it's the season to wear light clothing, which exposes more skin. However, in doing so, people also are more likely to experience skin problems, such as sunburn and insect bites. In addition, many people suffer from heat rashes caused by sweat.
Here, we will introduce a good way to treat the skin problems that often occur in the summer. In situations like those described above, try FLUCORT®f Ointment, made by Tanabe Mitsubishi Pharmaceuticals.

Summer is the time to get outside and go play. When cuts and scrapes happen, treat your family with “Oronine H Ointment.”

Summer is a super-fun season for a variety of outdoor activities, like mountain climbing and swimming in the ocean! However, the more outdoor activities you take part in, the more your chance of falling and hurting yourself goes up too. Even if you’re having plenty of fun on a trip, you’re going to need to find medicine to deal with such incidents if they occur. This article will introduce “Oronine H Ointment,” an ointment for skin problems that is a household staple in Japan.

It’s easy to dry out during fall and winter seasons. Be sure to check out this treatment for skin problems!

Pharmaceuticals are a popular souvenir choice for many visitors to Japan. And ointments for the skin are among the top products people like to bring back home with them. During the upcoming fall and winter seasons in particular, products that alleviate skin problems like hand eczema and asteatotic eczema and are especially invaluable. We would like to introduce you to Mitsubishi Tanabe Pharma Corporation’s FLUCORT f ointment for troubled skin.