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Why You Should Buy a Luxury Brand Watch in Japan!  Introducing a Highly Recommended Tokyo Shop Selling State-of-the-Art Watches

It starts to become a common trend for people to purchase various luxury watches to match with their different outfits. Nowadays, in particular gentlemen who foster a classy lifestyle, have a thriving standard towards selection of watches. To them, a perfect choice of watch not only serves as its physical function, but also allows them to unveil their personal taste and style.

Great-value shopping in Ginza!  “LOTTE DUTY FREE GINZA” with wide varieties of duty-free items.

“TOKYU PLAZA GINZA”; a commercial building 1 minute walk from Tokyo Ginza station. On the 8th and 9th floors of the TOKYU PLAZA GINZA, there is “LOTTE DUTY FREE GINZA”. Unlike ordinary tax free shops in town that only exempt consumption tax, at this store, you will be also exempted from paying customs duties, tobacco tax as well as liquor tax. The Ginza store is actually the largest duty free store in Tokyo with the largest square meter space (approximately 4,400㎡)

Tokyo men’s wrist watch specialty shop offers the best selection in Japan.

Wrist watches tend to be one of the pricier items we wear. But a fashionable man prides himself in owning a well-built and stylish timepiece. That's why many of our readers plan to buy their watches in Japan. Watches are one of the most popular items for travellers to buy in Japan. In this article we will introduce you to a men's specialty watch shop right in Tokyo called "Jack Road".