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Let the tone colors of music boxes heal you at Omotesando Orgel Doh!

Orgel Doh is a music box specialty shop based in Otaru, Hokkaido. They also have branches around Japan, in places like Kamakura, Kyoto and Okinawa. In December of 2017, a new shop opened in Tokyo's Omotesando district. Once you step inside this shop, with a wide variety of music boxes made of glass or wood, the gentle tone colors will captivate you!

Would you like to purchase a birthstone Jewelry? The one for September is a beautiful blue Sapphire.

Okachimachi, located next to Akihabara in Tokyo, is the largest jewelry town in Japan. One of the stores in the town called GALA OKACHIMACHI maintains quality to be the best store in the area for quality, prices and a range of items. The fact is not surprising as the parent company of the store is a top manufacturer of platinum jewelry that has a large share in the retailers, department stores and wholesalers.

If you want to buy diamonds in Osaka, go to Kaoki.

Many people take the opportunity when travelling to Japan and make expensive purchases. This is thanks to the quality of goods made in Japan and because of the weakening Yen. How about making this expensive purchase in the form of a diamond?