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My Iejima, Okinawa rum distillery tour!

I hopped on the ferry departing the main island of Okinawa for Iejima, which was 30 minutes away. My final destination: a tour of a certain rum distillery on the island of Iejima. I had heard that Ie Rum Santa Maria has a fabulous reputation and makes their rum from sugarcane, so I was eager to check it out!

Tokyo’s Heritage Guesthouse “toco”

“toco” is a guesthouse, hosted in a 90-year-old renovated building. There is a bar in the entryway that even non-guests can use. The guesthouse itself is relatively small, and guests often end up becoming friends with one another.

A Relaxing Trip to the Seto Inland Sea – Komogakushi Onsen Hotel on Secluded Iwagi Island

The Seto Inland Sea, Japan’s largest inland sea, is dotted with countless islands and known for its “multi-island beauty.” This time, we are introducing the “Komogakushi Onsen Hotel Sanyo Club,” located on the secluded Iwagi Island in the center of the Seto Inland Sea. The name “Komogakushi” (“Hidden in Reeds”) comes from a story that tells that a Jizo statue wrapped in reeds once washed up at the cape on the hotel’s grounds.

Cat Paradise in Aoshima, Ehime Prefecture ♡

Aoshima is an island in Ehime Prefecture’s Ozu City, off of the Seto Inland Sea. This article will introduce a tour of Aoshima. Also known as Cat Island, Aoshima is a paradise for cats and cat-lovers like me, with a population of around 15 people and over 100 cats.