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Let’s Visit TCK This Summer for the Hot “Tokyo Meat Competition”! Enjoy Horse Races and Gourmet Foods During Summer Nights!

During summer of 2018, TCK will be hosting the “Tokyo Meat Competition,” where select famous meat restaurants will be competing. This is a rare chance to enjoy the food from many famous restaurants all in one go during your trip to Japan. This time, we will be introducing the highlights of TCK as well as the details on the “Tokyo Meat Competition.”

Must-Visit Fireworks Festivals in Japan in the High Summer (August) of 2017!

A fireworks (hanabi) festival is one of the most dazzling summer occasions in Japan. Many of the cities there host fabulous fireworks festivals in July and August. During the festivals, dressed in yukatas (casual summer kimonos), people collect on lanes, streets, banks or shores to watch brilliant firework shows. This article lists the must-visit fireworks festivals that are to be held around August 2017 and popular across Japan. If you plan to visit Japan in high summer or early fall, you can include the festivals in your itinerary. Wish you a pleasant summer trip!