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“Hotpot” Dishes are Perfect for Winter in Japan! Submit Your Tasty Experiences to Social Media with This Cheap Prepaid SIM!

Japan has gotten even colder. So, “hotpot” dishes that warm you right up are super popular!
In this article we’ll be introducing the top 4 types of popular winter “hotpot” dishes, perfect for you to show off on social media!
“YAMADA New Mobile” is a cheap prepaid SIM sold at the nationwide chain “Yamada Denki.”
Using that SIM, you can surf the web as much as you like while in Japan! Of course, that means you can post to social media too!

Enjoy Unique Experiences in 6 Popular Places in Aichi Prefecture!

Located in the middle of the Japanese archipelago, Aichi Prefecture offers year-round sightseeing, thanks to its mild climate in all seasons. Starting with the LEGOLAND Japan theme park, and ending up with one of the gourmet dishes called, "Nagoya-Meshi", I'll tell you about all the popular spots to visit in Aichi Prefecture!

(Permanent Edition) A Thorough Explanation of Japanese Tea!

In a recent survey conducted on our media site regarding Japanese Tea, the results indicated that most respondents "have an awareness of Japanese Tea".
Today, this special edition will thoroughly explain the history of Japanese Tea as well as the most delicious way to make it. Hopefully, those who share this awareness will read this article!

Visit these Snow Resorts with the Economical JR Pass! Also Introducing Enjoyable Travel Plans (The First Part)

Winter has finally arrived! So along with the economical JR Pass, we'd like to introduce some snow resorts where you can enjoy winter sports like skiing and snowboarding! We will also suggest some ways to relax your mind and body while having fun in these locations. The first part of this post features information on recommended spots in the Tohoku area that you can get to from Tokyo on the JR Pass!

The Complete Guide for Basic Information on Japanese Soba and How to Eat It!

Japanese soba has a long history; there has even been buckwheat pollen found at historic sites in Japan that is estimated to be from around 9,000 years ago. Since then, it has continued to be a beloved staple in Japanese household meals, and in recent years there are even fast-food soba restaurants, so it’s easy to get some any time you want it.
Here I will introduce some information you'll want to know when you come to Japan and eat soba!

A Complete Guide to the Main Halloween Events across Japan in 2017, Including Sweet Events and Spooky Events, and Fashionable Festive Make-ups and Costumes!(1/2)

Halloween of 2017 is on October 31 (Tuesday). Although it is not a national holiday, such recreational facilities as amusement parks and aquariums across Japan have already vied to initiate various Halloween campaigns. Festive commodities are everywhere from department stores to 100-yen stores. The traditional festival from the western world has turned into a great occasion in Japan in fall. The following is a summary of the information on Halloween events in Japan.

List of Seven Must-Visit Spots in Hakodate(1/8)

As one of the most attractive cities in Japan, Hakodate boasts seemingly countless places of interest. The Hokkaido Shinkansen opened in 2016 has enabled easier access to Hakodate: it takes only 4.5 hours to get to Hakodate from Tokyo and only 2 hours from Aomori. Seven must-visit places of interest in Hakodate are recommended to you. We wish you a pleasant tour of Hakodate!