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Introducing Hand-picked Spots Featuring Beautiful Winter Scenery! Upload Photos on SNS with Cheap Prepaid SIM Cards

Winter is cold, and snow can be seen, but there are many places in Japan offering poignant and picturesque scenery only at this time of year. Here, I'd like to tell you about 3 beautiful winter scenery spots, carefully chosen from all around Japan!
This article will also introduce a convenient and cheap prepaid SIM card you can use to upload Japan's beautiful winter scenery in real time!

Hokkaido's latest season "DO" "EAT" "BUY"

Three major needs of Asians traveling in Hokkaido's "eat", "to experience", "to buy".
With these three major needs as the pillars, we will introduce the latest information of the distribution period (2019 to 2020) deeply.

Go by the Shinkansen! Snow Resorts in Japan

During the winter, Japan is covered in silvery snow as far as the eye can see, creating vast and spectacular landscapes. Depending on the region of Japan you’re visiting, you can enjoy snow-related activities for as long as late November through early May.