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Nabana no Sato Illumination
20/10/2018  -  6/5/2019

Nabana no Sato was built with the idea of “a small dreamlike village along the Nagara River” in mind. The park, with a pond in its center, is lit up at night, and the area boasts one of the largest scale illuminations in Japan.

Ice Fall Festival in Sounkyo, Hokkaido
25/1/2019  -  17/3/2019

The Ice Fall Festival is one of Hokkaido’s 3 largest snow festivals that started in 1976. This festival is hosted on the big river bank (about 10,000㎡) of the Ishikari river.At the festival you will see a variety of interesting ice sculptures such as an ice look out, an ice castle, ice tunnels, and an ice slide.

Kamogawa, Chiba Prefecture – Nanabatake Road 2019
12/1/2019  -  10/3/2019

Every year, the large numbers of people that visit this area are surprised at how many flowers are blooming as early as January! The flowers look like they could be a solid carpet of yellow! Visiting Kamogawa in the early spring to see it covered in rape flowers, and even enjoying picking them, is great fun!

Illumination of Yebisu Garden Place
3/11/2018  -  28/2/2019

Yebisu Garden Place is beautifully illuminated each year as a winter tradition. Features include a 10-meter-tall Christmas tree, around 100,000 bulbs lit up in champagne gold, and even the world’s oldest chandelier, made by Baccarat, a traditional and innovative company with a history of over 250 years.

Arts Towada Winter Illumination 2018
7/12/2018  -  24/2/2019

In the arts square in front of the Towada Art Center, as many as 300,000 blue LEDs cover the ground and light up beautifully, creating a fantastical and extraordinary world.

Lake Kawaguchi’s 2019 Winter Fireworks
12/1/2019  -  17/2/2019

Lake Kawaguchi hosts a winter fireworks show every year.
The sky is clearer during the winter than in the summer, so the enhanced beauty of the fireworks makes the Lake Kawaguchi show particularly popular.