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Nabana no Sato Illumination
14/10/2017  -  6/5/2018

Nabana no Sato was built with the idea of “a small dreamlike village along the Nagara River” in mind. The park, with a pond in its center, is lit up at night, and the area boasts one of the largest scale illuminations in Japan.

“Udon Bus,” Where You Can Enjoy Kagawa Prefecture’s Specialty Sanuki Udon
1/6/2016  -  31/3/2018

Kagawa Prefecture is a region famous for having the best udon in Japan. Their specialty, “sanuki udon,” is slippery and smooth, and it has a unique firmness to it. In Japanese, this firmness is referred to as “koshi ga aru,” which means that they “have body” to them.
The “Udon Bus,” which is recommended for people visiting Kagawa Prefecture for the first time, takes passengers around to famous sanuki udon restaurants and sightseeing spots.
The bus offers both an affordable half-day tour of two udon restaurants as well as an efficient day-long tour of sightseeing spots and udon restaurants. The restaurants visited change based on the day of the week and the tour chosen.

Ishikawa Prefecture – Crab Soup Oonabe
1/11/2017  -  31/3/2018

Since 2001, Ishikawa Prefecture’s Yamanaka Onsen City has hosted the Crab Soup Oonabe (large hot pot) annually. One bowl of the soup is just 300 yen.
Warm crab soup, made carefully from fresh local ingredients like crab and sweet shrimp, is served in Yamanaka lacquerware. This event is held daily from November through March. Be sure to savor this delicious flavor!

Osaka Prefecture, Let's enjoy Plum Festival at Expo’70 Commemorative Park♪
17/2/2018  -  18/3/2018

Expo’70 Commemorative Park, in Osaka, is a lovely place overflowing with natural beauty. No matter the season, it is a place where you can enjoy beautiful flowers and trees.
Taking a leisurely walk through the park on a clear day is one of life’s finer pleasures.
This year’s plum festival will be held on February 18th, in Expo’70 Commemorative Park’s Natural Culture Park and Japanese garden.
The Natural Culture Park features around 600 plum trees of around 120 different varieties, while the Japanese garden has around 80 plum trees of 40 varieties. In both locations, you can enjoy a variety of plum blossoms, in colors like white, pink, and red.
Various events are scheduled during the festival period.

Ice Fall Festival in Sounkyo, Hokkaido
25/1/2018  -  18/3/2018

The Ice Fall Festival is one of Hokkaido’s 3 largest snow festivals that started in 1976. This festival is hosted on the big river bank (about 10,000㎡) of the Ishikari river.
At the festival you will see a variety of interesting ice sculptures such as an ice look out, an ice castle, ice tunnels, and an ice slide.
There is also an assortment of fun planned events such as the Asahikawa local sake tasting and the throwing away of good luck Mochi(sticky rice cakes) from the stage.

Miyagi Zao Juhyo “Ice Monster” Tours
16/12/2017  -  12/3/2018

This tour takes you to see the rare “juhyo,” as you ride in Wild Monster, a heated Snowcat bus.“Juhyo,” also known as “ice monsters,” are trees covered in ice and snow in the process of a phenomenon where mist and water vapors freeze directly onto deciduous trees. The formation of juhyo requires precise conditions, such as constant wind from a single direction, so they can only be seen in a few specific locations in Japan’s Tohoku region, including Zao.Zao is a popular tourist spot not just for its juhyo, but for skiing and hot springs as well.