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Events/Festivals in December , 2018

Yomiuriland Jewellumination
11/10/2018  -  17/2/2019

Yomiuriland Jewllumination, a popular illumination event in Tokyo where elegant jewel-like lights are lit, enhancing Tokyo’s night view, is back for 2018!

Marunouchi Illumination
8/11/2018  -  17/2/2019

Marunouchi’s annual winter scenery event, Marunouchi Illumination 2018, starts this year from November 8th (Thursday). Between the shops along the 1.2 kilometers of Marunouchi Naka-Dori, and the over 200 trees along Otemachi Naka-Dori, over 100 million LED lights in the Marunouchi-original “champagne gold” color light up the area to make a spectacular Christmastime cityscape.

Ashikaga Flower Park “Hikari no Hana no Niwa”
27/10/2018  -  5/2/2019

Ashikaga Flower Park is a flower theme park located in Tochigi Prefecture’s Ashikaga City,around 80 kilometers from Tokyo.
Flowers are available for viewing year-round in the park’s 92,000 square-meter area.
During the winter event “Hikari no Hana no Niwa,” the entire park is lit up with a colorful and beautiful illumination.

National Bihoku Hillside Park “Bihoku Illumination”
10/11/2018  -  14/1/2019

An incredibly varied illumination show is created using National Bihoku Hillside Park’s topography and plantlife. The entirety of the park is enveloped in light, giving the sight a sense of depth and making it very popular. In addition to enjoying the themes of each area, the park features a variety of other displays as well, including the ever-popular Starlight Tree.

White Christmas in Karuizawa
23/11/2018  -  25/12/2018

The city is decorated in fashionable glitzy lights, creating a romantic nighttime scene. Enjoy Karuizawa’s ornate winter illumination with family and friends!