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Birth place
Osaka prefecture
Favorite food
Sushi, ramen, Okonomiyaki, takoyaki, and other flour-based foods!
Food I hate
Natto, carrots
Walking and eating, music, guitar
What I’m good at
Not really anything.
What I’m not good at
I’m afraid of heights!
Where in Japan I recommend the most and why to travelers in Japan.
Kyoto. There’s so much to do, like sightseeing to enjoy the changing of the seasons, visiting shrines and temples, and enjoying gourmet food.
Favorite memory from traveling in Japan.
Okinawa. I loved the sensation of touching the ocean water, Okinawa’s awamori (Okinawan liquor), and the food!
Must do activity for visitors to Japan.
You have to see Okinawa’s ocean!

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A Luxurious Lunch at “Matsu Sushi” in Osaka

“Matsu Sushi” is located a short ways into an alley off of the “Kitabatake Park Main Street Shopping District” in Osaka. It has been open for 50 years, and it has many fans who appreciate its fresh seafood and carefully crafted dishes. It even has a reputation as having great value for the food you get! This time I decided to stop by for lunch.

Osaka's Famous Charcoal-Grilled Skewered Meat Eatery: Sumibi-Yakitori Morita

When in Osaka, I want to eat the most delicious yakitori, or grilled chicken served on skewers! If that sounds like you, I can highly recommend Morita. At this restaurant, savor the freshest free-range local chicken that has been deftly handled with the utmost care by the owner, who has the rare distinction of having a license to handle fowl as food.

Tomato Ramen from “Tomato no Sato Shinanoji” in Osaka

“Tomato no Sato Shinanoji” in Osaka is an unusual tomato ramen specialty restaurant.
The prices are a bit high, but the ingredients used are of great quality thanks to the craftsman-spirited owner. Other restaurants sell tomato ramen as well, but this restaurant is known as the pioneer of the dish and has many fans.
I’ve visited here before, but I remembered how much I loved the taste and came back!