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Introducing Popular Sunscreen Creams Available at Drugstores in Japan!

This summer, Japan is experiencing a fierce heat wave, so it's important to take proper measures to prevent sunburn. When visiting a store, we can see many types of sunscreen for sale, but it's difficult to know which one to choose. That's why I'd like to introduce some popular products listed in "@cosme". This is a well-known website dedicated to word-of-mouth reviews of cosmetics sold in Japan.

With Shiseido's Patented Technology, Block Pollen, Viruses, and PM2.5!

At around the end of winter, many people suffer from distress in the eyes and nose caused by pollen. In Japan, March is the peak of the pollen season. In order to avoid pollen adhesion, people have come up with several solutions, such as wearing glasses and masks. This article will introduce another way of dealing with pollen: a product called IHADA made by Shiseido.