Your source of good luck when exploring Japan!


what is "GOOD LUCK TRIP" anyway?

"Good Luck Trip" is a free magazine (published by Diamond-Big Co., Ltd.) that carries information to help travelers to Japan enjoy more satisfying trips.

It includes popular destinations and products, Japanese culture and transfers, as well as easy-to-read maps.

"Good Luck Trip" has more than eight regional editions in Japan, including a Tokyo edition, of which 100,000 copies are printed every other month, and a Kansai edition, of which 150,000 copies are printed three times a year. Copies are available at various locations, including travel agencies in your country as well as travel and tourism information offices and hotels in Japan, so why not pick up a copy?

what is "GOOD LUCK TRIP JAPAN" anyway?

It is the web site & free app version of the free magazine "Good Luck Trip" (produced with partner Bringer Japan Inc.).

In addition to the information carried in the free magazine, it includes original articles and videos.

It is updated not only with information on destinations and gourmet food to enjoy while visiting Japan, but also with information readers can enjoy back home, such as on Japanese culture and trends. Bookmarked articles and videos can be seen online as well. The app even can be used where Wi-Fi is unavailable. By all means try out the app version of "Good Luck Trip", which has its own appeal distinct from that of the free magazine.